Beer Brewing Process of 500L Beer Equipment

Beer Brewing Process
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Before brewing the beer, We should turn on the boiler first.

This is the boiler. Now, turn it on. Adjust the pressure in 0.4Mpa, when the pressure reaches 0.4Mpa, then open the gas outlet valve, heat up the water in mash tun, when the water temperature to 55+-1°c, feed the ground malt into the mash tun, at the same time turn on the agitator, keep this process with 60 minutes. after this, continue to heat up water to 66+-1°C, keep this temperature with 50 minutes.

This is the mashing process.

When the water temperature keeps up 66 °C, boil the water in hot water tank for use.

When mashing process is finished, filter the mash in lauter tun, in the filtration process, open related valves and turn on the wort pump, adjust VFD, control the flow of mash, so that the mash could reflow in the mash/lauter tank.

When we could see the wort becomes clear, turn off the valve, pump the wort to boiling tun for boiling.

When we could see the mashed malt by manhole and the level of wort drops to half of mash/lauter tun, open hot water pump and related valves, let the hot water flow in tank to wash mashed malt( The volume of the hot water depends on the situation).

When the wort continues filtering pump the clear wort into boiling tun, until the wort volume is enough, stop to filter and close the filtration valve, open two drain outlet valves for discharging. Open the chaff door and rake the chaff out of the mash/lauter tun, then wash the whole tank.