Filtration system for a 5 bbl brewhouse

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What is beer filtration?

Beer filtration is a very important production process in the beer production process, which is related to the appearance and taste of the beer, as well as biological stability and non-biological stability.

To promise at least during the shelf life, there will be no changes in appearance, thus ensuring the perfect quality of beer appearance.
Beer filtration is a physical process that uses filter media to separate the fine particles suspended in the beer from the liquor, making the beer clear and transparent, and free of suspended matter.

Filtration process and operation

Fermenters→diatomite filter/sheet and kieselguhr filter→bright beer tank→filling machine→sterilization machine

  • Plate and frame filter
  • The structure of the plate and frame diatomite filter:

It consists of a frame and filter frames and filter plates suspended on it alternately. The material is mostly stainless steel.

Support plates are hung on both sides of the filter plate, and the filter plate and the filter frame are sealed with each other.

The support plate is made of fiber and condensation resin

  • Candle diatomite filter

The filter wick is a filter material, and the filter medium-diatomaceous earth is pre-coated on the wick.

For filtration, the spiral is wound around the wick in a radial direction with a wire spacing of 50-80 μm. The slim filter candlewick is more than 2m long.

Since nearly 700 candle wicks are installed in the filter, the filter area formed is very large, the filtration efficiency is very high, and there are no moving parts on the candlewick.