How To Establish A Micro Brewery Used In Nowadays?

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Establish A Micro Brewery

Establish a microbrewery

  • Register a company,  first, you need a copy of approval, a certification, two valuations, one-piece permit.

It applied the project for approval, business licenses, environment evaluation, fire control evaluation, food production license after the equipment fully finished installed. The brewed beer by this equipment needs to be delivered to Food and drug administration in local to provide examining reports and register food business license. Application need in name of firm, when finished register then applies for factory license, also needs many kinds of the permit. For example, the French Commercial Section gives beer tradesman four qualifications for sales licenses according to the law. In the first category, people only sale drinks with no alcohol, the second category can sale beer and drinks, the third can sale wines, etc. But just drink in the hotel and restaurant, the fourth, can sale all kinds of liquor include beer inside.

Apply for any one of four licenses, must all provide a funds certificate to the bank. Commercial Section can be given the license to you. The sellers who have license must pay taxes according to request. Different country has different requires for the brewery, any requires should obey the national laws.

  • 2. Seek a building used as a brewery factory, you can choose a leased factory or a blank area to build brewery.

If you are not large mass production, we suggest investors can think about renting had build finished factory. 

  • 3. The design of the whole brewery and supporting facilities, design usually includes three sections: earlier part of work of design, preliminary design and execution drawing.

①Previous work of design: Make the decisions for main problems of early-stage work of project construction, for example, product plan, construction scale, construction area, and place.

② Preliminary design: ensure main materials sources and dosage, like fuels, water, malt, yeast, hops etc, then plants layout, design floor plan of whole brewery and workshop.

③ Draw various kinds of details drawing that building’s architectural construction, equipment, and pipelines installation drawing,  exterior components working drawing

  • 4. About choose and purchase of equipment

first should be clear what types of beer you want to brew, different types of beer need different brewing equipment.

Second, you need to choose the different capacity of brewing beer equipment according to the scale of the brewery and expected input, it means that ensure your monthly output of beer.

Third, you should ensure what materials of equipment you want to buy, like stainless steel 304, The production equipment used this material beautiful, environment protection, chemical property stable, it will not produce harmful materials for human because of chemical reaction, it is easy in cleaning, and also need certain which heating ways you will choose and which system are save energy for you and suit you. 

  • 5. Equipment installation debugging and supporting facilities

The new microbrewery used production equipment needs professional person installation and debug according to installation debugging format standard. Moreover, keep integrated equipment installation and debugging record files. In the meantime, professionals draw up finished daily equipment maintenance and management regime, Final test run, and rectification.