How to maintain your craft beer equipment?

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Just like taking care of your lover, a new set of exquisite beer equipment also needs careful care and meticulous maintenance. Think about it. If you protect your craft beer equipment during the brewing process, she will be very obedient. On the contrary, you treat her like a donkey every day. If she is not willing to do you have to replace her, it is not worth when. So, How to maintain your craft beer equipment? This is what we want to say in the article.

In addition, the quality of brewing equipment also directly affects the quality and taste of brewing beer. This also can say, about the use of self-brewing equipment, self-brewing equipment small make up the following points for attention. Although not many, but very practical.

maintain your craft beer equipment steps

  • 1. Cleaning of self-brewing beer equipment is strictly prohibited with water containing c1-detergent or disinfectant.
  • 2. If the self-brewing beer equipment is not used for a long time, please thoroughly clean the equipment before using it. After the water flow is clean, close all valves.
  • 3. The home beer brewing equipment shall regularly check the grounding condition of each motor and pump wiring agent to ensure correct wiring. Check the oil level of deceleration motor and hydraulic device, and add lubricating oil to the mixing motor regularly according to the instruction. Check the stirring and tightness of the connecting parts of the plow blade regularly. All pumps shall not idle, reverse, found leakage pump should be promptly replaced pump seal.
  • 4. To often check the crusher hopper whether there are foreign substances and impurities, check whether the fasteners on the crushing machine are loose and the crusher belt of the belt and the reliability of the safety protection device, regularly clean the crusher grinding roll.
  • 5. Check the pressure gauges of steam heating equipment from time to time to ensure the safety valve is normal and the steam trap is unblocked; Do not open the heating until the specified liquid level is reached. Warning signs shall be hung on the steam, wort and other high-temperature pipelines and on the top of the brewhouse equipment to prevent scalding when the equipment is in operation.

The above is the self-brewing beer equipment maintenance method, through the introduction of the above is not you have a certain understanding? Hope these can help you to maintain your craft beer equipment.