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Recently, we are fortunate to return to the factory again, because we are going to receive our domestic customers. So we took some pictures at that time, we would like to share with you about our beer brewing equipment. About the new order for our factory, our workers finished some aparts, and show for you together. If you have interested in it, please continue to read this.

We could offer you a complete beer brewery equipment or offer seperate part of thebrewery plant for you; And we even customize based on your requirement.

Bright beer tank and fermenters, other home brewing equipment related

The following pictures are the beer equipment that we are producing, is our bright beer tank. You can see it in the picture, our workers have been finished the whole of the general shape of the equipment. About the beer brewing equipment, we will do the acid wash passivation to the interior of the tanks so that it can form a protective layer that can protect stainless steel from being corroded easily. For all the welding, we will also do Acid Wash in the inner of the tank. 

Bright beer tank is a container for stored and filtered beer, people usually use it to store beer for brewery, or bars daily needs. We have two types of bright beer tank, the horizontal bright beer tank, and vertical tanks. The equipment is cylindrical, and side manhole is installed on the surface of the tank. In the later, workers will continue to install fittings, like pressure vacuum relief valve, level gauge. Tri-clamp carbonation port with stone, easy to assembly and disassembly, more sanity.

What you see in the picture above is part of the fermenters we produce. It is not fully production yet, so you can just see the prototype of the fermenter in general. All of our products are processed with either imported machinery or advanced domestic machinery in China. In this aspect, you can trust us completely.

Specification and Pictures of 3000L Beer Fermenter

FunctionWort Fermentation
Tank Capacity3000L (+25% Headspace minimum)
Interior ShellSUS304 full welded; TH=4mm
Exterior ShellSUS304 full welded; TH=2mm
InsulationPolyurethane; TH=100mm
Glycol JacketThe dimpled plate on cone and side
ManwayManhole on the waist(Top-mounted for special request)

The picture On the left side of the picture is the fermented tank we have produced, and on the right is the 100L all-in-one home beer brewing equipment we have assembled. This equipment will be quickly delivered to our customers, and formally put into use.