Non-alcoholic protein beer

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As a popular drink, beer is loved by people all over the world.
However, excessive alcohol consumption for a long time will affect fat metabolism and cause great harm to the liver of people. It will also lead to obesity.

For this reason, two young Germans who love fitness and drink at the same time invented a protein beer without alcohol. This beer can let those who like to drink a glass of beer after work, both do not give up the good beer, and can get rid of the trouble of putting on weight.

How this idea was born?

The founders of this type of beer, Tristan Brümmer (23 years old) and Erik Dimter (24 years old) said: There is one day, they sat together, hold a beer in one hand and a protein shake in the other in a gym.
Protein shakes are far more beneficial to the body for people who love fitness. But over time, people will hate its taste. At that time, they were thinking that there must be a way to combine the deliciousness of beer with the benefits of protein shakes for the body.

Erik Dimter and Tristan Brümmer. 

Then they decided to put the idea into action. So they tried to exchange ideas directly with breweries. They wanted to get started as soon as possible.

First, they need to go to a local university laboratory specializing in beer. They must determine whether this idea can be successfully developed, and test it, and then put it on the market. So they first need professional equipment and laboratories. “Breweries weren’t really taken with the idea,” says Brümmer.

Because German laws on beer purity are so important, it was difficult to convince anyone it was a good idea. Even those they were able to persuade had technical difficulties.

Fortunately, it was successful, the beer is now produced in a family-run private brewery near Kaiserslautern. The protein beer is non-alcoholic. Alcohol can reduce the training effect, while the JoyBräu beer is said to support the recovery and growth of muscle mass.

In addition, each bottle of beer contains L-carnitine and beta-alanine.
Both are beneficial for burning fat, explains JoyBräu founder Erik Dimter – this beer is also suitable for those on a diet.