Our beer brewing exhibition hall

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The early introduction

We shared it before on our Facebook page before that we are building a new exhibition hall. This exhibition hall will use to brew beer and research new formula beer, if possible we might also turn it into a beer restaurant. Last week, we went there again, this time our equipment has been finished already and already cleaned up.

This time we want to introduce you to the composition of all brewing rooms. this is also a good reference for people who wants to make beer business in local. If you have problems with it, welcome you consult us by the below contact information.

Our brewing exhibition hall layout

Our latest brewing workshop located in Jinan, Shandong province, China. It is closer to our company than the factory. This building has two floors, all mashing system products mainly placed on the first floor, a set of red copper equipment, a set of 600L equipment, 500L, 100L two sets. The equipment configuration is mashing/kettle tank, lauter/whirlpool tank two vessels of the tank. The second floor is our fermentation tank put area. You can see it in our pictures, they were neatly placed on the second floor. Of course, we also place 6 pieces of 100L fermenters on the first floor with our a set of 100L equipment as experimental equipment.

You can see the copper outsourcing equipment as soon as you enter the door. we have a row of shelves on his left, we plan to place material for display. The road to the upper floor has two staircases on each side. On the left, under the stairs, we have our reverse osmosis unit and our cold water tank. As shown in the picture.

Brewing experience

Last week, we brewed beer by our 100L equipment as an experiment. That is a very nice experience, everyone can learn more information about beer and equipment. We made stout and brown ale, the time continues 6-7 hours. our brewmakers also answered many of our doubts about equipment and brewing, like Several steps mashing, the temperature of each stage, judge the completion of each stage, etc.

In addition to placing our fermentation tanks on the second floor. there are also several other rooms for people to rest and visit, people can see the whole picture of the whole workshop from this room. More equipment descriptions and explanations we hope to tell you in detail when you come to visit.