1000l micro beer brewery equipment for restaurant

Industry beer fermenting equipment
Brewery Restaurant

1000l micro beer brewery equipment for restaurant

1000l micro beer brewery equipment for restaurant

1000l micro beer brewery equipment for restaurant

Brewery Equipment




Mill system Malt Miller 300kg-500kg/h

 Double rollers, Low Noise<60db

Brewhouse system Mash tun/Lauter tank 1000L

2 vessels brewhouse can finish 4 processes, from mashing-lautering-boiling-whirlpool.
Steam heating with electric boiler.

Kettle/Whirlpool tank 1000L
Fermenting system Fermenting tank 6*1000L/2000L

Dimple plate jacket for cooling, dry hops in the top of the tank.

Bright beer tank (Optional) 2*1000L/2000L

Carbonation port to fill CO2, make beer clear and bright.

Glycol cooling system Glycol water tank 3000L

Used for wort cooling in plate heat exchanger.

Chiller 2*5HP/10HP

Coolsoon brand, use for chilling glycol water.

Controlling system PID Semi-Auto Instrument panel

Show and control the temperature tanks.

Cleaning system Disinfection tank/Alkail tank 50L

Use for washing tanks after finishing brewing.

Voltage Customer customized

Mill system

Function: It is used for malt milling.
Working capacity: 300-500kg/h, malt milling within 30 minute is the best choice.
Component: Malt miller, belt, belt pulley, motor, and so on. It is the first part of beer brewing equipment.
Strengths: New design roller, use excellent steel axle head and new roller material, make dynamic balance design, mill malt more uniformly and more efficiently.
Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel for optional.

Brewhouse system

Function: It is used for finish 4 processes: mashing, lautering, boiling, and whirlpool.
Component: Mash tun/lauter tank, boiling tank/Whirlpool tank, motor, pump,manhole, hops back, It is the second part of best seller beer brewing equipment.
Capacity: 10bbl 2 vessels brewhouse (Mash tun/Lauter tank, boiling/Whirlpool tank).
Heating method: Steam heating with electric boiler, heat evenly and fast, keep beer’s flavor.
Control method: PLC controller cabinet show and control motors, and pumps.
Material: Stainless steel 304.

Fermenting system

Function: Used for keep wort fermentation or maturation.
Component: It is consisted of shadowless manhole, mechanical relief valve, sample valve, pressure gage, rotating racking arm, butterfly valve, solenoid valve and etc. It is the third part of beer brewing equipment for restaurant.
Capacity: 10bbl ( brew beer once a day, to fill all the beer into one tank).
20bbl ( brew beer twice a day, to fill all the beer into one tank).
Cooling method: dimple plate or glycol cooling jacket both bottom and top.
Cooling media: Complete stainless steel pipeline for cooling between glycol water tank and fermentation tank.
Design pressure is 0.3MPa; Working pressure is 0.15MPa. (standard design, MPa can be customized).

Glycol cooling system

Function: Used for cooling wort in heat exchanger when it finished the mashing in brewhouse, and cooling wort in fermentation tank in the fermenting period.
Component: Ice water tank, solenoid valve, glycol water ump, stainless pipeline and etc. It is the fourth part of 1000l industrial beer brewing equipment.
Capacity: 30bbl, the much volume you need, you will lessen the cooling time in the plate heat exchanger.
Cooling method: Two stage cooling (Glycol water and tap water work cooling).
Control method: Automatically by PLC controller cabinet.

Controlling system

Function: Used for control the processes of brewing.
Component: Instrument panel, button, VFD, Intermediate relay, Switches. It is the sixth part of 1000l industrial beer brewing equipment.
Type: PID Instrument Panel, Floor type.
Electric parts: World-famous brand with CE certificated.
Purpose: Show and control the temperature of brewhouse and hot water tank.
Show and control the temperature of fermenting tank, bright beer tank and glycol water tank.Control chiller, motors, pumps, and solenoid valves.

Cleaning system

Function: Used for cleaning and washing.
Component: Disinfection tank, Alkali tank (with heating element), cleaning pump and etc. It is the seventh part of beer brewing equipment.
Capacity: 1bbl ( it is the tenth of the brewhouse)
Purpose: Equipped with wheel, easy to move and operate, washing all tanks when it finishing brewing.

1000l Beer Brewery Equipment Accessories

All accessories, auxiliaries, spare parts,and fittings are very excellent, adopted in SUS304, and it is the vital part of the best seller 1000l industrial beer brewing equipment for restaurant.
1. Motors, pumps use for brewery equipment are china famous brand.
2. Round stainless steel manhole with glass, easy for us to observe wort’s status in the mash tun.
3. Shot light: It install in the top of the mash tun, and used for lighting, and observe wort’s status.
4. VFD: The motor in the top of the lauter tank, used for stirring. It can control the plow knife/raker’s rotate speed.
5. Glasses buffer tank: It is close to the lauter tank, and it can used it for observing wort’s concentration and its color.
6. Suspension type heat exchange: stainless steel 304 material, clean and sanitation, easy to disassembled and cleaning.
7. Mechanical relief Value: clean and sanitation, It will have some pressure changes as the time went by, and easy to observe.
8. Rotaing racking arm: It port on the cone with butterfly value, and it can get the beer from different place in the fermenting tank.