500l micro brewing equipment-one to one technical support

Beer brewery plant
Beer brewery plant
turnkey brewery
5000L Beer equipment – large factory equipment

500l micro brewing equipment-one to one technical support

500l micro brewing equipment

Brewhouse Unit

Tank Capacity
500L (Working capacity)
Rolling Miller, Brewhouse,
Fermentation Tank,
Glycol Water Tank,
Controlling Cabinet,
CIP Unit
From milling, mashing,
fermenting to maturation.
Interior Shell
SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm
Exterior Shell
SUS304 full welded; TH=2mm
Steam ,Electric, Direct fire
for optional

Fermenteration Tank

Equipments Components
500L Beer Brewing System
Grain Milling Unit [300~500kg/hr]
500L Two Vessel/HLT Brewhouse
1000L Fermentation Tank/Unitank
1000L Bright Beer Tank
Glycol Chilling Unit
[1000L GWT + 2x3HP Chiller+Pipeline]
Brewery Instrumental Control Cabinet
100L Portable CIP Cart [Two Tanks]
2-Station 2-Tank Manual Keg Rinser
4-Station Manual Bottling Machine
Manual Capping Machine
Plate-frame Filter
50kg/hr Automatic Steam Boiler


500l micro brewing equipment

1. Milling System

  • Capacity: 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1000kg/h.
  • Description: CE or UL listed Motor, Double roller, distance adjustable, stainelss steel 304 material.
  • Optional: Flexible Auger.

2. Brewhouse System

Microbrewery Tanks Microbrewery Tanks

  •  2 vessles or combined system.
    • Capacity 500L
    • Steam heating way,electrical heating way, Direct heating way
  • Mash tun with mixer, steam jacket, VFD motor, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.
  • Lauter tun with rake system, milled false bottom, sparging spray ring,VFD motor, insulated 80mm.
  • Boiling kettle with steam jacket, inner heated option, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.
  • Whirlpool with Tangential whirlpool inlet. insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.
  • Insulated HLT and CLT with the pipelines and pumps
  • External grant, hops back, heat exchanger.Wort oxygenation system, working platform.
  • All the necessary pipelines and pumps.

3. Fermenter&BBT System

cooling jacket tank cooling jacket tank

  • Capacity: 100L-30000L, 1bbl-100bbl, +25% Head space
  • 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
  • Interior finish: pickled and passivated, external polished, 80mm insulated
  • Test pressure 3 bar, working pressure 1.5 bar
  • Glycol zones (Both on side and concial/bottom)
  • 60°conical bottom for Fermener, Shadow less side man way
  • Racking arm, Sample valve, Pressure relief valve on the top, Dry hopping on the top
  • Mechanical relief valve 3 bar on CIP arm with pressure gauge
  • Adjustable tank leveling pads

4. Cooling System

  • Description: Air type chiller + Ice water tank or Glycol tank
  • Capacity: 3HP, 5HP, 7HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP+ 500L-20000L tank

5. Control System

  • PID or PLC system
  • SIEMENS program S7-200, Siemens touch screen.
  • Penumatic valves for optional 

PLC Control system

PLC Control system

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Packaging Detail:

Packed in containers or wooden cases
Delivery Detail:7-20 days

Customer Visiting

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