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15 bbl brewhouse for sale

For different customers’ needs, we also have many kinds of capacity brewhouse for our customers to choose. We have many customers from South American, or other areas. They are different from our other European customers, prefer to use gallons, bbl compared to the liters. So, LET US TALK THIS KIND OF 15BBL BREWHOUSE.

The 15BBL brewhouse different from other capacities, using. 

In fact, they are no different with other capacities, just a change in the capacity of customers for different needs. The sample pictures below:

  • 15BBL Brewhouse Configuration
Electric Supply
3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Single Phase/ 220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
Heating Source
Electric/Steam/Directly Fired
Area Request
Part one Mashing system of 15BBL

Mash/lauter/kettle/whirlpool tun, four-function can be arbitrarily combined into one tank, they can also be single existing. They mainly depend on your beer production technology requirements. If you have any requirements, please remember to contact with our sales, we will serve you one-on-one to achieve technical feasibility.

The most common two types of the combination are mash/lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool. All of the tanks are made of food-grade stainless steel 304, meet the national standard.

From top to the bottom, we replaced the vertical motor with a horizontal motor. No decorative tube for occlusion.

The dished head of the tank has three ports, CIP cleaning port with CIP ball, Recycle port, washing grain port.

The tank has three layers protection, insulation, over-cladding, and liner.

Each tank has its different characters, for example, our mash/lauter tun, we make these two functions connect together. Then it must have these standard configurations, the pressure manhole, chaff door, spray ball, false bottom, a horizontal motor, ordinary motor, and washing grain coil pipe, PT100(Temperature sensor)

Another kettle/whirlpool tank should have normal pressure manhole, spray ball, exhaust pipe, steam heating/electric heating/direct fire heating three heating method, PT100

The 15BBL brewhouse must be equipped with the hot water tank. The capacity of the hot water tank is two than beer mashing equipment. The hot water tank is

The function of a hot water tank is providing hot water for washing grain, and they also have recycled function, provide hot water for the before brewing tank. The shaped of the hot water tank is the same as the kettle/whirlpool tank. The standard configurations are water out port, breath port to exhaust gas, steam inlet, normal pressure, PT100.

Part two Fermentation system of 15BBL

The conical fermenter is the most common type of beer fermentation equipment, because of the conical design of their bottom can quickly make yeast precipitation. The angle of the fermenter is 60-90 degrees, you can look at the picture of the below and it was processed fermenter by our company.

From the top to the bottom, L shaped CIP drive pipe, the cleaning process starts from this pipe, spray ball in the washing pipe connection can take it out. Two valves were equipped on the fermenters, one called a vacuum pressure relief valve, and another is the mechanical pressure relief valve. Their functions are balanced the internal and external air pressure, prevent internal pressure too higher, make negative.

Pressure manhole/compression pressure/Elliptical manhole/Side manhole/Top manhole

Sampling valve and temperature sensor are in a same horizontal plane.

Drain tube/Pressure gauge/beer belt/Spray ball/Two-way pressure regulating valve/Temperature control solenoid valve

The tank consists of the following three layers, insulation, liners, outscouring layer/cladding.


Bright beer tank

brewery brite tank for saleThe bright beer tank is a tank of store beer, so people also called it a storage tank. They most of apply in the beer industry, Why they call it “bright beer tank”?In fact, after beer fermented and mature, then need to filter and wipe off the mixed and yeast from the fermentation liquid, make beer clarify and shine, at last, the fermentation liquid finished filtering is bright beer. This is also the last step of the brewing process, then beer bottling.
1. Drain port (no port of out of beer )
2. Ice water inlet and outlet
3. The carbon inlet
4. Pressure manhole
5. Breath valve
6. Pressure gauge
7. CIP inlet
8. Sampling valve
9. Temperature sensor: PT100
10. Level gauge, was made of Pu and Plexiglass