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The whole of 20BBL brewhouse system equipment

Today, we want to introduce our latest 20BBL brewhouse basic configuration and content, in the following, you will see the 20bbl brewhouse parameters and details description. We want to show you if we get an inquiry from our customers, what will we provide for them.

1. Malt miller / crushing system

Before the mashing process, the malt needs to crush, then it can be transferred to the mashing tank. The most common using malt miller is double roller malt miller, except it also has cabinet malt miller and burr mill. It depends on the different needs of malt, like basic malt crushing process acquires finished in 30 minutes. Then you can know how large the mill‘ working capacity you need, according to your mashing equipment capacity.


2. Mashing system

please think about how much vessels of mashing do you need? and how many batches of beer do you produce per day? difference mashing technology has different configuration way, two vessels of mashing system are common mashing configuration, consists of mash/lauter tank, kettle/whirlpool tank. 20bbl brewhouse is a large capacity brewing equipment compared to other ordinary capacity equipment, it needs to equip hot water tank to support hot water for other tanks.

Electric Supply
3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Single Phase/ 220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
Heating Source
Electric/Steam/Directly Fired
Area Request

Note: 1hl=100liters, 1Gallon=3.7854liters, 1Barrel (BBL) =117Liters.
we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each vessel mashing combination, because of the brewing process, it is a very important part.
1000L Beer Brewery Equipment

1000L Beer Brewery Equipment

Two vessels combinations of 20bbl mashing system
This kind of equipment is now widely used in the industry, mainly make up with Mash/Lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool. The function of mash/lauter tun; mashing and filter, Kettle/whirlpool function; boiling and whirlpool. If you configure a hot water tank, the work effective can be increased by 50%.
The advantages of two vessels of mashing system:
①equipment simple, invest small
②pipeline simple, the operation easily
③the equipment height is low, the height requirement for the site is not high.
The main disadvantages are:

①Only can use extraction and filtering during the wort filter(The wort in the lauter tun, can extract the wort by the wort pump, then pump in the kettle/whirlpool tank.) the filter speed is relatively slow, no too higher requirements for brewers. Once the operation is wrong, the wheat grain layer is tight and the filtration is difficult. The heavy results will cause the sieve plate to deform and affect the subsequent use.
Three vessels combinations of 20bbl mashing system(two tanks with three vessels of mashing)
This equipment is generally combined with boiling tank/kettle, Mash/Lauter tun, whirlpool tank. In fact, Its Lauter/whirlpool tank was actually composed of the upper and lower structures. The upper structure is the Lauter tun, and the lower layer is the whirlpool tank. It is commonly seen in beer houses and restaurants
The advantages of three vessels of mashing system:
①Compared with three tanks three vessels saccharification system, the whole system is more compact and occupies less space
②The heating area of the steam jacket in the kettle/boiling tank is very large, has fast speed heating up.

The main disadvantages are:
①The equipment is generally higher than the traditional two vessels of mashing equipment, and has certain requirements on the height of the site.
③The equipment investment is higher than the traditional mashing two vessels of equipment, and the combined three vessels of mashing can be done up to 1000L, and the volume is limited.

1200L micro beer brewing equipment

1200L micro beer brewing equipment

Three vessels combinations of 20bbl mashing system(three tanks with three vessels of mashing)
Such equipment is commonly found in small and medium-sized breweries. The equipment is available in a variety of combinations. The common combinations are as follows:
①Mash tun+Lauter tun+ kettle/whirlpool tank
②Mash/Lauter tun+Kettle tun+whirlpool tank
③Mash/kettle tank+Lauter tun+whirlpool tank
The advantages of this equipment:
①The daily batches of brewing are similar to the three-vessels combinations of the mashing system.
②Low equipment height
③A variety of combinations can be selected, and later can be transformed into four vessels combination of mashing system.
The main disadvantages are:
①Filtration can only be taken by filtration with extraction
②The equipment covers a large area and has a large investment

Four vessels combinations of 20bbl mashing system
Such equipment is common in small or medium-sized breweries, and is equipped with hot water tanks in addition to mashing basic equipment, which can greatly improve production efficiency.
Its main advantages are:
The mashing apart has a clear division of labor, which significantly reduces the time occupied by the tank and improves production efficiency. The maximum brewing batch of beer can reach five batches per day.
The main disadvantages are as follows:
① The equipment volume and land occupation are relatively large. Under the current transportation conditions, such equipment can do up to 3000L, if add the volume of equipment, must need to be constructed on the site.
②equipment investment is large.