2bbl turnkey beer brewing system

100L new brewhouse unit equipment
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2bbl turnkey beer brewing system

Industrial Beer Brewing Equipment

Industrial Beer Brewing Equipment

This is our lastest factory beer brewing system equipment, share with you. In the following text, we will introduce to you our products, explain to you each part and parameters of them, what are their function and our guarantee for this project.

Product introduction

2bbl turnkey beer brewing system equipment usually designed for factory, bar, hotel, small brewery or some brewers which want to make their beer business in local, but have no experience about this industry. So we specially introduced this product, you don’t worry anymore about any technical and equipment configuration problems, We can totally tailor-made for you a complete program.

Our product is equipped with these systems, crushing system, mashing system, fermentation system, cooling and CIP cleaning system, control system. These systems form the complete beer brewing process. We can also provide you with equipment for disinfecting and filling beer, packaging, and selling, etc.

beer brewing equipment CIP PLC-Control-system

Product description of each system

Crushing system: Roller malt miller used for mash the malt, o achieve the effect of malt breaking without crushing.
Mashing system:

Mash/lauter/kettle/whirlpool, two vessels, three vessels of brewhouse can be chosen, can be combined with any combination. The tanks will be using stainless steel 304 as its material to make, and after finished, all the tanks will be a pressure test to guarantee its quality. From top to the bottom of tank, we use the horizontal motor, with manway hole, chaff door, false bottom, bolt legs, drains, agitator, etc. Three layers are made up of the mash/lauter/kettle/whirlpool tun, outer layer, inner layer, insulation layer’ thickness is 80mm, and we usually use PU or rock wool, to achieve the keep temperature goal.

Fermentation system

A whole system we will be equipped with 2 pcs equal capacity of the fermenters to our customers at least. If you want to make many batches of mashing per day, the answer is different, this time the capacity of fermentation is not equal to the mashing system. Fermenters have the conical bottom, the angle of conical is between 60° to 90 °, the benefit to yeast precipitation. Pressure vacuum relief valve and mechanical pressure regulation valve are installed in the fermenters, to guarantee the tanks’safety. When the pressure is negative or too higher than normal, it will be automatic open.

Cooling system

It was made up of an ice water tank, chiller, ice water pump. The ice water tank function is cool down the temperature of wort, and fermenter. Ice water means the mixing of water and alcohol, and alcohol concentration is 95%, they will be mixed together, and in the rate of one to four. The tank is cylindrical in appearance, the tank is fitted with a level gauge, you can see the rest of liquid, avoid leaking and can help you observe.

CIP cleaning system

Two sterilize tanks with one control cabinet were installed on the skid car. One of them is sterilized tank, and another is a lye tank.

Control system

PLC and Siemens digital display control cabinet with touch screen, you can monitor the temperature of each tank and situation. The control panel will have each tank’s button and screen.

Products parameters and sample pictures

Equipment Request Components
1. Milling System Malt Miller
2. Mashing System Mash/Lauter Tun
Boiler Tank
Heat Exchanger
Wort Pump
Stirring Device (Optional)
Other accessories are available: 1. Ornamental Pipe; 2. Mashing Pipeline; 3. Operating Platform; 4.   Yeast Feeder; 5. Venturi Tube; 6. Butterfly Valve DN40; 7. Butterfly Valve   DN32; 8. Soft Pipe; 9. Dregs Rake; 10. Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 11.   Saccharimeter;
3.Fermenting System Fermentation Tank
Other accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid   Valve; 5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;
4. Cooling System Ice Water Tank
Refrigeration Machine
Centrifugal Pump
Ice Water Pump
Relative Pipes and Valves
5. CIP System Washing Tank
Sterilization Tank
Pump and Valve
6. Filter System Kieselguhr Filter
Membrane Filter
Filtered Beer Tanks
7. Packing System Fresh Keg Packing Machine
Pop Can Packing Machine
Glass Bottle Packing Machine
8.Controlling  System Mashing Control Panel
Fermenting Control Panel
Refrigerating Control Panel

About us and our factory

Our factory located in Sishui, Jining, Shandong province China, and are produced through a flow process, pay attention to the production safety, manufacturing technique, productivity effect. Welcome you to come to visit our factory at any time. Our company established in 2007, and has been more than 10 years of experience until now. We provide free consultation service before, during, and after-sales. Professional Trunkey Brewing Equipment Solution, will help you get the best configuration you want and at the meantime available many configurations choose. Your perfect brewing is our passion

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1. What the price of a whole turnkey beer brewing system?

—-It depends on the equipment capacity, and specific product amount, other factors, etc. please leave your message or choice the online ways in the lower right icon of the homepage, we will free quote for you after making configuration.

2. How can I install it?

—-We provide free oversea installation service and training available, professional and free debugging instruction of equipment. On delivery, the installation instructions will be attached to the goods with the products.

3. What if the equipment is damaged?

—-Our warranty is five years, during this time any problem we can for you. Accessories and auxiliaries facilities are guaranteed for one year.