5000L Beer equipment – large factory equipment

500l micro brewing equipment
500l micro brewing equipment-one to one technical support
3000L Beer equipment
3000L Beer equipment

5000L Beer equipment – large factory equipment

turnkey brewery

5000L Beer equipment – large factory equipment

1.German new technology and Engineer from German
2.High Quality SUS304  materials with material quality certificate
3.The finished beer is very delicious and nutritious for body.
4.Customer special design is available.
5.Excellent after service provides professional installation and commissioning servie.

Equipments Components

Equipments Request Components
1. Milling System Malt Miller
2. Mashing System Mash/Lauter Tun
Boiling/whirlpool kettle
hot water tank
Heat Exchanger
Wort Pump equipped with VFD
Spraying device (Optional)
Other accessories are available:

1. Ornamental Pipe;2.Mashing Pipeline;

3. Yeast Feeder; 4. Venturi Tube; 5. Butterfly Valve DN38; 6. Butterfly Valve DN32; 7. Soft Pipe; 8. Dregs Rake;

9. Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 10. Saccharimeter;

3. Fermenting System Fermentation Tank with coolling jacket
Other accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage: electric connecting or mechanical pressure release valve; 4. Solenoid Valve;

5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe; 8. sample valve 1.5″; 9. hops port 4″; 10. PVRV

4. Cooling System Ice Water Tank
Centrifugal Pump
Ice Water Pump
Relative Pipes and Valves
5. CIP System Alkali Tank
Sterilization Tank
Pump and Valve
6. Filter System Kieselguhr Filter
Membrane Filter
Filtered Beer Tanks
7. Packing System Fresh Keg Packing Machine
Pop Can Packing Machine
Glass Bottle Packing Machine
capper machine
pasteurization system
8. Controlling System Mashing Control Panel
Fermenting Control Panel
Refrigerating Control Panel

5000L Beer equipment


1. With export standard bubble film packaging, then for wooden case packaging for alone beer tanks and less brewery equipment.-LCL shipping.
2. If more tanks or complete set of brewery, with bubble film packaging, the for containers for FCL shipping.
3. By bulk carrier or independent containers, the size and quantity rely on the configurations and capacity.

Our Certificate

We have been sold a large great number of brewing equipment to Euro, and USA, and other countries.
There brewing equipment are adopted stainless steel 304/316L, and have passed the ISO CE PED TUV Certificate, and other pressure certificate.
In order to make you believe our company, now, enclosed our certificate to lessen your worries.