500L Craft Beer Brewing System

100L Beer Equipment
100L beer equipment
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500L Craft Beer Brewing System


This system is made for a foreign client. It’s a 500L two vessels brewhouse and four 2000L fermenters. It means that the user can fill one fermenter by wort from four batches. It can save money: bigger brewhouse costs more. But we don’t recommend this style if the labor cost is not really cheap.


1. Malt Milling Unit
Particle adjustable rolling crusher
Flexible or steel auger to directly lift the milled grain to mash tun
2. 500L Brewhouse
Mash/Lauter tun, boiling/Whirlpool tun , hot water tank

Heating method: Steam heating, electric heating, direct-fire heating

Main structure: Inner and clad are made of SUS304, PU insulation
Two stages or single stage heat exchanger for wort cooling
Completely stainless steel integrated work platform
Sanitary and efficiency wort pump
All pipings and fittings


3. 2000L Fermentation Unit

Standard stainless steel conical cylindrical fermentation tanks
With temperature and pressure control device
All manhole, valves, pressure gauges, fittings are included


4. Beer Filter Unit(optional)

Plate-Frame or Candle type DE (diatomite earth) filter is used for clarify the beer quickly


5. Cooling Unit

Glycol water tank with insulation and dimple plate jacket
Efficiency chillers with fryon to supply cooling energy
Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water recycle among tanks and heat exchanger
All pipes, fitting, insulation materials are included

6. Controlling Unit

Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for brewhouse
Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for cooling parts
Temperature controller, thermocouple, solenoid valves etc are included
PLC with touch screen panel for special request

7. Beer Dispense

Keg filling and rinsing machine
Semiauto bottling machine with rinsing, filling, capping, labeling etc
Flash pasteurizer is available

8. Other Facilities

Portable or fixed CIP system for cleaning the tanks
Steam boiler for brewhouse heating
Water treatment for brew water


Contact me for more information or inquiry for brewing system, customized and classic solution is here for you.