7 bbl fermenter

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7 bbl fermenter

1. 7 bbl fermenter 

Our brewery equpiment is a good choice for ginshop, barbecue, small beer facory, restaurant who brew beer for customer at scene. Small floor coverage makes it possible to show consumers the whole process of beer brewing. The luxury and sanitary process comforts the consumers and give them impressed experience.

2. 7BBL Brewery Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Technical Data:

  1. Inner thickness:3.0mm, outer thickness: 2.0mm
  2. Material: S.S.304, food grade.
  3. Polished inner: 0.4um
  4. Pressure: 15 psi
  5. Double dimple cooling jacket (on main shell and cone). With separate inlets and outlets. Pressure tested.
  6. Inner – cylinder body, 60°cone bottom. Outer – Cone top, cylinder body & cone bottom.

7 bbl fermenter

4. 7bbl Fermenter Features

  • Its welding and polishing processes are very fine:including plate argon arc welding inner /outer wall fine polishing /original plate / mirror panel / copper plate argon arc welding inner.
  • We will pass the pressure measurement, it is pressure resistance, and have good sealing.

5. Guarantee & After Sales Service:

  • 3 years warranty for main parts
  • Free training for installation and operation, free technical support
  • English version manual and operation video CD disk.