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Microbrewery System
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beer brewery system
Beer Preparation Making Process

As an original partner in the pioneering efforts to revive craft brewing in China,our plant in Jining, Shandong provice, and has been supplying tanks and equipment to all beverage producers since 2000, and has sold equipments to more than 150 countries all over the world.

We are a beer brewery manufacturing company which recognizes the specific needs of the microbrewery segment of the brewing industry. Our products range from individual pieces of equipment to complete turn-key systems.

With service from brewery sizing, equipment layout, professional installation, system testing, technical assistance to follow-up support, our beer brewery system is designed with versatility, allowing the brewery functions to be combined in most to 5 vessels to make you highest ROI in beer business.

See Features below for more information about Ruijia beer brewing plant, with installation and commissioning by our Ruijia team, and training given to you and your staff, we are able to provide you with full technical support throughout the lifetime of your brewhouse with longest 5 years warranty.

We ensure that all equipment we supply meets all relevant British and European Health & Safety Directives and Standards.

  1. 304 made of stainless steel.
  2. Motorized rakes in Mash/Lauter Tun
  3. Milling the movable sieve plate
  4. VFD to control motor speeds optional
  5. Condensation Collection
  6. Level guage optional
  7. Polished stainless steel pins, adjustable feet

Name Components Specification 
Milling System Miller Double Roller:700rpm, 600rpm
Drive Power:  0.55kw
Output: 50kg/hr
Brewhouse System Mash/Lauter tun Grain mashing, Lautering
Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tank Wort boiling and whirlpool
Hot Water Tank  Hot water supply
Heat exchanger One stage and two stage
Fermentation System Fermentation Tank Top manway/Side manway
Drying hop port to brew IPA
Glycol Dimple jacket
Carbonation port to fill CO2
Yeast Adding Tank(option) SUS304 Stainless Steel
Cooling System Glycol tank Equipped with PU level indicator
Glycol Chiller Glycol water chilling (2HP)
Power supply: 3*220V/60Hz
Cleaning System Cleaning, sanitizing and sterilization of vessels and pipes in the brewery
Control System Control Cabinet Manual/Semi-automatic/Automatic
 All components & parameters can be customized according your requests.