Beer factory equipment

craft beer brewing system
Beer Brew Equipment
bar beer brewing equipment

Beer factory equipment

craft beer brewing system

Beer factory equipment

For beer factory equipment, we have manufactured 1000L, 10bbl, 1200L…5000L, 12000L beer brewery equipment and so on.

If you want to expand beer production or want to start a beer factory business,

Please write to me your need in details.

Let’s take a view of 1000L beer factory equipment configurarion:

Milling system Malt miller 300-500kg/h 1pcs
Auger(option) Ability is 1000KG/h 1pcs
Hopper(option) Volume is 0.6m3. SUS 304 with pre-masher 1pcs
Brewhouse Mash tun/ Lauter tank Volume is 1000L, with false bottom, grant, raker with motor 1pcs
Kettle/whirlpool tank Volume is 1000L, electric heating 1pcs
HLT water tank Volume is 2000L, electric heating 1pcs
Includes plate heat exchanger, wort pump, motors, hops filter, yeast adding tank, oxygen device and pipelines
Fermenting Fermenters Volume is 1000L or 2000L

(double batches)

BBT(option) Volume is 1000L or 2000L

(double batches)

Racking arm, spunding valve, pressure gauge, carbonation stone, sample valve
Cooling system Glycol tank Volume 2000L or 3000L 1pcs
Cold water tank(option) Volume 2000L, cooled by glycol tank 1pcs
Chiller 5HP, Copeland 2pcs
Cleaning CIP 100L two tanks, heated by electric, with pump and trolley 1pcs
Controlling Control cabinet PLC touch screen or PID controller 1pcs

Beer factory equipment show:

We have many professional personnel about the beer brewery, including professional winemakers, professional engineers, professional drawers, professional marking specialists and professional installation personnel and service team.

We have much experience about the brewery design, manufacture, installation and service. We have sold many products to many countries and more and more companies from many countries will use our products to produce the beer and realize their brewery dream. We are glad to help those who want brew beer to realize their dreams.

We have far high effective teams; so that we could answer your questions more quickly, providing you our drawing for you, manufacturing your equipments in less time, saving your time and help you start to produce ahead of time.

We have professional service team; If you have any problems and suggestions about our product during the use procedure, please free to ask us and we are glad to solve your problems.

We could produce better products with a reasonable price. As we have low manpower resources and low and quality raw materials, so that you can own high quality products with a low price.