Beer Filler

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beer filler

Beer Filler

Beer Filler Main Function And Feature:

  1. Automatic control by PLC, all parameters can be adjusted through touch screen.
  2. Cleaning and filling process can be finished in this machine at one time.
  3. All use pneumatic double acting Angle seat valve which could ensure the action sensitivity and reliability.
  4. With unique pressure maintaining system, performance stable and reliable, beer lose minimum.
  5. With CIP automatic cleaning system.

Beer Filler Working process:

  • Filling station:Fix the keg– filling– stop– take the keg.
  • Washing station:Impact the keg– Drain residue–water rinse –Lye rinse–Hot water rinse –steam sterilization –CO2 pressurization–Take the keg

 Beer Filler Main technical parameters:

Equipment Outer Dimensions 1200*1600*2000mm
Net Weight 380kg
Power Electric /steam heating 18/3kw
Production Capacity 30-40kegs/H
Applicable Kegs Diameter:250-500,Height:360-600mm
Tank Heating Way Electric/steam heating
Table Board Fixed
Power Supply Voltage AC 380V 50HZ or customized