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beer laboratory equipment

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Beer laboratory equipment

The whole set of equipment includes mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, control system, CIP systems and other components, The vessels for various systems adopt Height to diameter ratio optimization design, all systems use sus304 stainless steel and the argon protection side welding molding technology , thus the inner wall of the vessel welded corners are clean enough to provide quality assurance for the production of high quality puree biological beer. At the same time, the stability of the DCS control system makes the entire equipments high intelligence, it achieves unattended in the true sense,thus it becomes automatic intelligent bio-fermentation equipment to provide a strong guarantee for the production of the bio beer.

beer laboratory equipment

beer equipment process flow diagram

1.(1)Infiltrating ,crushing malt

(2)Heating the brewing water in brew kettle
2.(1)Pumping a certain amount of appropriate temperature of hot water into mash tun
(2)starting rotary blade,uniformly putting into material ,stopping rotary blade when stirring uniformly .timing saccha

(3)Controlling of water temperature and water quantity,keeping appropriate saccharification temperature ,stirring in every 15 minutes
3.(1)refluxing turbid wort when saccharification ends .observing through the sight glass, beginning to Filter when wort is charified
(2)washing the tank when the tank exposes in the filtration process ,water temperature 78

(3)Continue to filtrate after washing the tank,until sugar content meets the requirements.stopping washing the tank and filtrating
4.(1)pumping all the wort into brew kettle ,heated to boiling for 60 to 90 minutes
(2)in the first ten minutes of boiling,batch adding bitter hops

(3) adding sweet hops before the end of boiling
5.(1)after the end of boiling,immediately pumping wort into lauter tun&whirlpool tank.
(2)starting to cyclotron precipitation,lay aside for 30 minutes
6.(1)starding cold water valve and wort pump at the same time,cooling wort to a certain temperature in the plate heat exchanger
(2) after wort is cooling ,oxygenating to 8mg/l,pumping wortto fermentation tank

(3)adding special beer yeast into fermentation tank to ferment
7.(1)controlling fermentation temperature and pressure,when brix drop to 4.2,sealing tank to maintain pressure,automatically heating up to 12 °C,deoxidating cold diacetyl

(2)at the end of deoxidating cold diacetyl,cooling uniformly and slowly,precipitating yeast in this process

(3) wine temperature drop to 1 to 2 °C can be stored,tank bottom yeast mud can be recycled

Brewhouse Main points:

  1. Brewhouse: two vessels, three vessels, four vessels brewhouse
  1. Heating medium: steam heating
  1. Insulation material: rock wool. Insulation thickness: 100mm
  1. Mash tank; hydrator, mixer, steam heating jacket
  1. Lauter tun: rake, agitator, false bottom, hydrator
  1. Brewkettle, steam heating jacket, inner steam heating deivce
  1. Whirlpool tun: whirlpool entry

Product advantages :

1- we support installation and debugging, technical guidance on site

2- engineer will teach how to brewing and running the production line, test the beer’s quaity

3- design drawing for free

4- competitive and low price of raw material

5- high quality of the beer equipment

6- competitive price

7- highly automatic or manual operation

  • material: SS304 or red copper