Brewery Equipment

craft brewery equipment
craft brewery equipment

Brewery Equipment

beer brewery
Company Introduction:
Our factory focus on quality 20 years. We are a professional manufacturer of high configuration and high efficient beer brewing product. We are not only a turn-key solution provider of craft brewery project but also a Chinese craft beer culture disseminator.
• We supply beer brewing system with turn-key project.
• We provide beer equipment with free consultation, 3D design, free installation, training.
• Six years warranty for the main equipment and spare parts.
• Our beer machine has beautiful appearance, it is convenient for customer visiting.
By the way, welcome to visit our factory, if you come to China, please let me know, it’s my honor if I can perform the duties of the host!

2. Brewery Equipment Product Description:
Please take a look at our 1000L Beer Brewing Equipment in Poland.
No. Name Quantity Mark
1 300-500kgs miller 1 Grains miller
2 Brewhouse
Mash/lauter tun
Kettle/whirlpool tun
Hot water tank 3 Steam heating
3 Fermenter 10 Beer capacity base on quantity of fermenter
Fermentation 2 weeks
4 Bright beer tank 2 Add CO2
5 Control unit 1 Siemens PLC control
6 CIP unit 1 Clean the brewery
7 Cooling unit 1 Glycol water tank+chiller+pump

1000L red copper beer brewery equipment to USA.
• 1000L brewhouse(Mash/ lauter tun,Kettle/ Whirlpool tun)
• 2000L Hot water tank
• 1000L Bright beer tank *2
• 1000L beer fermentation tank*4pcs
• 2000L beer fermentation tank*2pcs

3. Turn-key service are available.
• Beer machine consultation
• Machine Design
• Overseas installments and training can be provided
• Beer recipes are free to share

4. Packing and shipping:
Our package is standard 40GP for 500l 1000l beer brewing equipment.
5. Contact Person:
Send the message to me freely, we will be best friend of beer