Brewery Tank

Stainless Conical Fermenter
Fermentation tank

Brewery tank includes mashing tanks, fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks, cooling water tanks and CIP tanks.

All tanks are made of food grade SUS304/316/316L, rock wool or PU insulation and accessories like valves, heating/cooling fittings or wire connected with the control system.

There will be pipelines connecting all the tanks to make a complete brewing production line.

And there will be CIP spraying ball inside the tanks to wash the inner.

A 1000L brewery system for your reference:

Items Equipment Specification
Brewhouse Malt miller 500kg/h
Mash/Filter tank 1000L
Brew kettle/Whirlpool tank 1000L
Hot water tank 1000L
Plate heat exchanger 8m2
Wort pump 3m³/h
Fermentation Fermentation tank 1000L
Yeast adding tank 20L
Cooling Glycol water tank 3000L
Glycol chiller 5HP*2
Glycol water pump 3m³/h
CIP Alkali tank 100L
Sterilization tank 100L
CIP pump 3 m³/h
Control PID/PLC control panel
Spare parts All necessary spare, like pipelines, valves, gauges…
Optional Bottle filler and capper, keg washing machine, keg filling machine, steam boiler, filter machine…

A brewing system will be customized according to your specific situation and demand. Please contact me for more information.