steam brewing system
Mini Brewhouse


20 BBL Mash / Lauter Tun

Design pressure: Atmospheric,

4 of 4″ (100mm) Legs c/w adjustable footpads. 3/4″(19mm) thread

Shell material t304 2b s/s, Cladding material t304 #4 s/s

Interior weld finish = stain removed and brightened on a regular margin.

Exterior weld finish = stain removed and brightened on a regular margin.

Cladding penetrations are stain removed and brightened on a regular margin.

Formed top head, flat bottom, Insulation on sides.

Top fittings: Atmospheric manway, 1″ (25mm) CIP, sparge piping c/w nozzles VFD Controlled top mounted motor for stirring rakes.

Side fittings: Thermowell

Bottom fittings: Wort outlets, Wedge-wire false bottom, 1.5″(38mm) wort collection header, spent grain removal port.

Design parameters: 12 deg Plato original gravity, 95% brewhouse efficiency, 77% available extract, 180 kg/sq meter plate loading. 70″ ID, 5′ SIDE New flat bottom design reduces under-plate volume, reduces under-dough,and reduces the turbidity During Vorlauf and Wort Transfers. This results in a higher brewhouse efficiency and higher yields.

Note: Spent grain port requires 12″ knife gate valve sold separately

Lauter Tun Differential Pressure Sensor

2x differential pressure sensors with transmitter Readout on HMI/Brehouse control panel

Measures diferential presssure above and below the grain bed

Magnetic Particle Sanitary Flow Meter

Magnetic flow meter

Sanitary Magnetic flow meter

Size: 1.5 inch (38mm), Tri-Clamp connection Integral Signal Converter

Supply: 120 Vac

Indication of flow and total flow

12″ (300 mm) Knife Valve (Wheel)

12″ (300 mm) stainless steel knife valve

Lauter tun spent grain bottom manway knife valve Stainless steel wetted parts

0-ring elastomer seal

Large handwheel for easy operation

20 BBL Steam Kettle / Whirlpool

Design pressure: Atmospheric

  • 4 Legs c/w adjustable Footpads. Shell material t304 2b s/s
  • Cladding material t304 #4 s/s
  • Flat bottom cladding T304 2B s/s
  • Interior weld finish = stain removed,, polished to #4 on a regular margin
  • Exterior weld finish = stain removed and brightened on a regular margin.
  • Cladding penetrations are stain removed and brightened on a regular margin.
  • Formed conical head, shallow cone bottom.
  • 5″(38mm) Mineral Wool Insulation on sides and bottom.
  • Steam jackets for low pressure steam.
  • Jackets will boil the full volume at 6% evaporation per hour.

Top fittings:

  • 8″(204mm) vapor vent, 1″(25mm) water inlet, condensate drain
  • 18″(458m) manway, 1″(25mm) CIP

Side fittings: whirlpool inlet, thermowell, steam jackets

Bottom fittings: drain, wort draw-off, steam jacket

Approximate Dimensions:66″(1679mm) ID, 6′(1.8M) SIDE Stack sold separately

Kettle Boil Over Sensor

Detects over boil in the Kettle and sends signal to cut steam.

Hop Dosing Port Upgrade – Steam Kettle

System to allow for safe additions of hops to kettle while boiling

4″ tri clamp hop dosing port on head of vessel, 4″ butterfly valve, 4″ ferrule, 4″ clamp, 4″ gasket, 4″ cap

S/S open Hopper, Work Platform

Stainless steel construction throughout

Handrails on stairs and platform

Convenient working height for brewhouse vessels

Control panel mounted on handrail

Liquor Blending Station can be mounted on the rear hand rail.

Control Panel Mounting Bracket (Stock Code YWORKCPANELMOUNT)

Stainless steel construction throughout, Glass Beaded Finish.

1.5″ tube frame holds control panel and up to 3 VFD’s

Frame mounts to the work platform railings using tube hangers.