Brewpub Equipment

brewing equipment
stainless steel brewing equipment
turnkey brewery
turnkey brewery

Brewpub Equipment

3 barrel brewing system

Brewpub Equipment

Our beer brewpub equipment is made from stainless steel 304 , 316, red copper and so on.

Brewpub equipment is a good choice forpub, bar, ginshop, barbecue, restaurant, who brew beer for the customer at scene. The luxury shape, small space demanded, no only has the ornamental value, but also can show the whole process of the brewing to the customer, let them learn the deep cultural connotation of beer.

The characteristics of this equipment are: fabrication at scene, maintain the freshness and nutrition maximum. The beer rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, 8 essential amino acids to human but can not synthesized by ourselves, and more than 11 kinds of vitamins, especially B vitamins that rare in other foods.

We have the most professional brewing engineers, can provide you the best proposals  if you are new in beer brewing.

We are the largest beer raw materials and beer equipments suppliers in northern China , we can offer you the super quality beer raw materials in a perfect price!

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Brewpub Equipment

Company case

500L brewing equipment in Australia, you can visit them.

No. Name Quantity Mark
1 200-300kgs miller 1 Grains miller
2 Brewhouse

Mash/lauter tun

Kettle/whirlpool tun

Hot water tank

3 Steam heating
3 Fermenter 8 Beer capacity base on quantity of fermenter

Fermentation 2 weeks

4 Bright beer tank 2 Add CO2
5 Control unit 1 Siemens PLC control
6 CIP unit 1 Clean the brewery
7 Cooling unit 1 Glycol water tank+chiller+pump

CE certifications:

CE certifications