Bright Tank

Bright tank
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Bright Tank

Ruijia beer brewery supplies bright tank from 100L-5000L, largest to 10000L. Our quality standard begins with top shelf raw materials, continues with excellent workmanship and ends with rigorous testing. Ruijia has installed tanks from European to South America, from South East Asia to Africa, has more than 200 breweries project all over the world.

Ruijia bright tanks features below:

  • 304 stainless steel
  • The tank is designed for 15 psig
  • Flange and top top and bottom
  • Bottom and side gravure cooling jacket designed for 35 psig
  • Perlick Sampling Cock
  • Carbonized mouth
  • Side placed in / raised sidewalk
  • Pressure / vacuum safety valve
  • Pressure gauge assembly
  • CIP arm fixed 316SS spray ball
  • Organic Glass Level Meter at the Top and Bottom Edge of Unicom
  • Polished stainless steel pins with adjustable feet
  • The side walls and the bottom are insulated

Ruijia brewing Operations goes the extra mile before the sale to assist with equipment layouts, utility requirements and other critical information. Contact with us today for leaning more about how to start a brewery!


1 Exterior shell 2mm
2 Interior shell 3mm
3 Insulation material PU
4 Insulation TH 80mm
5 Top type Dished head
6 Manhole Type Side
7 Manhole size 530x430mm
8 Inner cone 60 degree
9 CIP pipe Diameter Φ38
10 CIP ball(1) 360º Rotating spray ball
11 Temperature sense PT100 sensor
12 Thermowell diameter Φ10
13 Inner Polishing 0.2-0.4micron
14 Design pressure 0.3Mpa
15 Cooling type Dimple cooling jacket
16 Cooling areas 6.95㎡
17 Cooling jacket inlet NPT1
18 Cooling jacket outlet NPT1
19 Pressure control Mechanical pressure relief valve
20 Pressure gauge 1pc
21 Rotating Racking arm 1pc
22 Sample port 1pc
23 Drain outlet 1pc


1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304, conical vertical tank

2.dome top head; Surface brushed, welding line polish sanding light belt;

3.Polyurethane insulation, thickness: 100mm; inner body thickness 3mm, cladding thickness 2mm;

4.Top breather valve; Side manhole; With rotary CIP spray balls and arm

5.Mechanical pressure valve; Pressure gauge;

6.Glycol solenoid valves, with screw assembly to adjust leg height

7.Complete with associated valves and fittings.