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cooling jacket tank

Inner surface pickling and passivation fermentation tanks with hygienic grade fittings. Avoiding surface have hygienic dead corner was left over bacteria pollute beer after CIP clearing.

Fermentation tank have 25% top space, be sure the CIP ball will not into beer then though out by CIP tube, PU level meter start top to end of cone bottom to mange the beer quantity.

More than 72 hours pressure testing for cooling jacket and tank with 3 bar /2 bar, be sure the tightness on the top grade and avoiding glycol water leakage damage the insulation material. 3 bar mechanical pressure relief valve company with 3 bar pressure vacuum release valve make sure fermentation process safety.

pressure vacuum release valve can replace mechanical pressure relief valve to work when the valve damged.

Technical analysis

3 pieces Interval type butterfly valve for CIP inlet, racking arm and drain outlet. It is easy to control the speed and quantity of fluid. 13 pieces tri-clamp connect the tank and fitting, easy to remove , also have screw connect way for optional. Lift the ring and ladder hook to install at the top.

If customer want carbonation beer by carbonation stone and add hops by a port, those will installed in cone bottom and domed. 4 pieces one layer Industrial 304 Stainless Steel Legs with adjusting bolt better than 201 stainless steel leg with adjusting bolt.

Fermentation Tank Series Volume in US Gallon Diameter Height
1HL Fermentation Tank 26US Gallon 620mm 1600mm
2HL Fermentation Tank 53US Gallon 820mm 1800mm
3HL Fermentation Tank 79US Gallon 960mm 1900mm
4HL Fermentation Tank 106US Gallon 960mm 2100mm
5HL Fermentation Tank 132US Gallon 1010mm 2100mm
6HL Fermentation Tank 159US Gallon 1060mm 2150mm
8HL Fermentation Tank 211US Gallon 1060mm 2550mm
10HL Fermentation Tank 264US Gallon 1210mm 2550mm
12HL Fermentation Tank 317US Gallon 1360mm 2550mm
15HL Fermentation Tank 396US Gallon 1560mm 2620mm
20HL Fermentation Tank 528US Gallon 1560mm 3100mm
25HL Fermentation Tank 660US Gallon 1560mm 3450mm
30HL Fermentation Tank 793US Gallon 1760mm 3500mm
35HL Fermentation Tank 925US Gallon 1760mm 3750mm
40HL Fermentation Tank 1057US Gallon 1760mm 4050mm
50HL Fermentation Tank 1321US Gallon 1760mm 4540mm
60HL Fermentation Tank 1585US Gallon 1960mm 4700mm
70HL Fermentation Tank 1849US Gallon 1960mm 5200mm
100HL Fermentation Tank 2642US Gallon 2250mm 5700mm
150HL Fermentation Tank 3963US Gallon 2250mm 7550mm

Packaging & Shipping

1.With export standard bubble film packaging, then for wooden case packaging for alone beer tanks and less brewery equipment.-LCL shipping.
2.If more tanks or complete set of brewery, with bubble film packaging, the for containers for FCL shipping.
3.By bulk carrier or independent containers, the size and quantity rely on the configurations and capacity.

Our Certificate

We have been sold a large great number of brewing equipment to Euro, and USA, and other countries.
There brewing equipment are adopted stainless steel 304/316L, and have passed the ISO CE PED TUV Certificate, and other pressure certificate.
In order to make you believe our company, now, enclosed our certificate to lessen your worries.