Filling Equipment

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Filling Equipment

Filling Equipment

Beer filling equipment includes bottle filling, tank barrels and can filling equipment. Each type can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

In general, we will select the corresponding level of automation based on production.

For filling and can filling, manual models are more economical if they are canned beer at home. If you need to fill 100-500 bottles of semi-automatic equipment per hour, you can do it. If it is a larger output, such as more than 600 bottles per hour, you need to use a fully automatic filling line, including washing, filling, capping, sterilization, labeling, packing, palletizing.

Manual and semi-automatic barreling equipment can fill up to 40 barrels per hour. If it is a larger production, a fully automatic washing tank filling line is needed.

If you need beer filling equipment, please contact me and I will provide a customized solution according to your production needs and conditions.

4 heads semi-automatic bottle filling and capping machine

Automatic bottle rinsing, filling and capping machine