Labeling machine

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Labeling machine

There are two kinds of sticker labeling machine: semi-automatic type and automatic type.

1. Semi automatic round bottle labeling machine:


  1. Labeling precision:±0.5mm (except for tolerance of labels and products)
  2. Labeling speed:25~50pcs/Min(depends on size of labels and products)
  3. Applicable bottle size:φ15mm~φ120mm
  4. Applicable label size:15mm~320mm(L) 10mm~250mm(W)
  5. Pressure:0.4~7MPA
  6. Device Dimension:. 920mm×420mm×500 mm(L×W×H)
  7. Power supply:110V/220V/50HZ;

Device weight:app. 45kg

2.Automatic Label Stick Labeling Machine:


  • Production Capacity:50-1000B/min(adjustable)
  • Total power:5-7 kw
  • Label Height:5-180mm
  • Label Length:20-300mm
  • Labeling Precision:±1mm
  • Roll inner diameter: 76mm
  • Roll outer diameter: 380mm
  • Dimension:2000(L)×1700(W)×1550(H)mm
  • Bottle Height:30-350mm
  • Bottle Depth:20-120mm
  • Total Weight:400-600kg