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Mash Tank

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The mash tank is the first step in the transformation of the taste in the brewing. At the appropriate temperature, the starch in the malt is converted to sugar by the activated enzyme, which is the source of sugar required for fermentation. Different malt varieties, different temperatures and operating times lead to the extraction of wort with different flavors and sugar levels.

The wort obtained after the mash is cooled and can be fermented by entering the fermenter.

Therefore, the mash tank should meet the following requirements: food grade stainless steel material, temperature control, with stirring, heat preservation, feeding port and discharge port, flushing inlet and so on.

In addition, the mash tank can be combined with a boiling tank, a filter tank or a suspension tank to meet different process requirements.

If you need a mash tank or a complete set of beer equipment, please let us know your requirements. We will try our best to provide you with intimate service and quality products.

Below are photos of some mash tanks and mash systems, for you reference.