Microbrewery tanks

10000l industrial beer fermenter cost
10000l industrial beer fermenter cost
cooling jacket tank
Fermentation Tank

Our microbrewery tanks have a precisely built vessel to condition your beer as it ferments and matures. Our microbrewery tanks are designed and built to last a lifetime, using some of the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world.

We offer ultra-precise welding and polishing, complete traceability, material exactness and a dedication to producing certified pressure vessels to all international standards. We work tirelessly to meet our customers’ unique brewing needs and offer compact fermentation tank designs to maximize the efficiency and organization of your production facility.

From small, pub-size microbrewery tanks to towering outdoor tanks, we have the manufacturing capability and expertise to build microbrewery tanks of all sizes. For breweries in need of large-scale outdoor fermentation tanks, Lehui has ample experience with designing insulated outdoor tanks ranging up to 1,000 BBL in size and beyond. We offer sharp fermentation tank designs, personalized specs and fittings, and on-site installation support to maximize the efficiency of your production facility or brewpub.

Stainless Steel 500L fermenter for sale is composed of fermenter tank, bright beer tank, yeast added tank, etc.

The tradtional design of the fermenter’s cylinder and cone is double-jacket, the seal head is single-jacket, based on the original design,


Items  Introduction
FV Volume 200l 300l 500l 1000l or customized
Raw Material  Food grade stainless steel or red copper cladding
Tank Wall  Outer 2mm / inner 3mm.
Insulation  Polyurethane, TH: 80-100mm
Glycol Jacket  Dimple jacket on the cone and side
Polishing  Inside is Mirror polish