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Nano Brewery

50l 100l mimi beer brewing

We have 50l to 50000l Nano brewery equipment available.

For many new beer brewers and beer lovers,

They would like to start brewing beer at home, or testing their beer recipes.

We can offer 50L and 100L nano beer brewing equipment for you or your local clients.

Well, if you need other capacity brewery equipment, please let me know more details you want.

About 50L or 100 nano brewery system,

  1. Conponent:
  2. a) Mash system- AIO type (Mash/ lauter/ kettle/ whirlpool tun)

– 2 vessel type(Mash/ lauter tun, kettle/ whirlpool tun)

– 3 vessels or 4 vessels…

Together with mash pump, heating exchanger and other necessary accessories to complete the whole mash system.

Generally AIO type for home brewing, 2 vessels or more for teaching lab, micropub and so on.

  1. b) Fermentation system- beer fermenter
  2. c) Glycol water system- Glycol water tank

– Chiller

– Glycol water pump

  1. e) Control cabinet- digital type is OK

f ) Malt mill

Well, nano brewery equipment for pub or bar,

It generally from 200L to 500L.

For plant, brewery, it generally from 1000L- 5000L

What’s your plan in this year?

To brew beer at home or for pub…?

Waiting for your friendly inquiry.


Service & Guarantee

  • Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;
  • Project planning and design services;
  • Free debugging instruction of equipment until everything is functional;
  • Management of equipments’ long distance shipping from seller’s factory to named port or station by buyer;
  • Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
  • New production techniques;
  • Provide 60 months complete warranty for tanks body and life-time maintenance service;
  • All of the accessories and auxiliaries facilities are guaranteed for one year;
  • The seller is responsible for the nature damage of the machinery in the warranty period except for man-made damage.
  • All spare parts and wearing parts are attached with the machinery for free.

If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.