Some Trivia You Didn’t Know About The Home Brewery

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Some Trivia You Didn’t Know About The Home Brewery

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Thank you for clicking on this article, we will introduce you to some knowledge and equipment related to home brewing, I hope to help you.

Drinking restricting still exist in some countries and areas

The most part of the Muslim country has strict limits for alcohol drinks. Because of their religious beliefs. Legal, moral, belief, education are four kinds of factors can make both restrict the group and personal behavior, and also let some rules can be continued for a long time. Therefore these four factors both of each other have large overlap areas. However, in the different backgrounds of cultures, politic, ethics, there are still lots of differences. So it is very hard to make their beer at home or say their own home brewing equipment.

About the main beer prohibition was restrained by having the legal restrictions, they have it selves difference. At present, Afghanistan nationals prohibit own and drink alcohol. But the Afghanistan government provide the business certificate to many stores, allow to sale alcohol drinks to the foreign reporter and tourists. The foreigner who enters to Afghanistan can be allowed to bring two bottles or two liters of alcohol drinks.

In Bangladesh, according to the local law, every drink that has more than 0.5% alcohol can all be thought of as alcoholic drinks. Bangladesh’s alcohol drinks are limit and regulate. Wherever you are, drink beer and sale alcohol drinks are not allowed. However, non-Muslims believers who

live there or travel is not limited by this law in Bangladesh. So some restaurants, hotels, and bars, especially those travel scenic spots, a lot of places can also buy alcohol drinks in legal.

Beer does not necessarily need four raw materials

In fact, beer is not must be by four materials make up. According to the definition, beer is one of alcohol drinks that usually use grain and malt, hops to add flavor and fermented. That is also mean, not each one beer must use malt, hops, and yeast. In the past, brewers also usually use other spice or herbaceous plants to add flavor.

There are also appear to beer that not use any yeast, and even use microbes to brew. For example, Stella Artois, according to the brewers said, this beer is not added any of any yeast, on the contrary, use biological enzyme instead of yeast function.

The home brewing equipment choice and buying

For some homebrewers hobbyists, the most important step is must be the first step. How do you buy and choose equipment that suits for yourselves? The equipment of material, capacity even to the ratio of each capacity products, prices so on. But now, these are not problems for you. If you have still interested in it, please continue to read the following text.

part 1. which capacity of brewing equipment more suit for the novice using at home?

Our company has 50L and 100L equipment, specially designed for homebrewers, meets most of the starters’ needs. We suggest to choice 50L, 100L, of course, must have smaller capacity equipment. But most of them are a combination of multiple functions, and you will not know the whole brewing equipment operation process and production. So our company launched this product, with a one-piece home brewing pot, and fermentation system and the control system will also fully equipped.

part 2. How can I get the price of our products?

Welcome you contact us at any time, and left the message of your information into the form. We will provide you the most advanced products and reasonable prices, whatever the quality, price or service, we will let you satisfy.

part 3.  Some parameters of home brewing equipment

Each beer brewing hobbyist has his own understand when brewing beer. We are able to design the equipments according to your personalized request. If you don’t have experience in this field, you can choose our standard. This link is our 50L-200L equipment video display, you can see the whole equipment details. Please link this:

The solution as below:



200L 100L 50L
Capacity 200L/Day 100L/Day 50L/Day
Area Request 20-30M2 18-25M2 50M2
Installed Power 15Kw 10KW 6KW
Water Consumption 0.8M3/Day 0.4M3/Day 0.2M3/Day